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Go Inside the Mind of Krieg

By MrJenssen31-05-2013

Check out this trailer for Borderlands 2's recently launched "Pyscho Pack", including Krieg, the latest addition to the ever-growing team of vault hunters on Pandora. You'll find more than just obscene words and violence in this one though, as we are allowed to delve a little deeper inside the mind of Krieg, and see how a Psycho ended up tagging along with our otherwise rather intellectual posse of vault hunters.

I have to say, this has got to be one of the best trailers Gearbox has ever made. And that suits me just right, as I've already stated just why I'm so excited about this Krieg character in the first place. He's the one missing piece that turns Borderlands 2 into a great game. Well, it was already pretty great. But now it's great...er... Just watch the damn trailer!

The Psycho pack is already out, priced at a rather steep $9.99/€9.99/£7.99. As a sidenote, the next - and last - DLC of Borderlands 2's "season" is named Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep and is slated for release on June 25th. In other words - a month from now.

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Posts: 1317

Every game is "repetitive" if you just boil it down like that. Borderlands 2 is "just" you running around, shooting enemies, picking up their loot and handing in the quests. World of Warcraft is you killing things, picking up the loot and handing in the quests.

If you were talking about Borderlands 1, then I can get on board. It was too repetitive. Borderlands 2 has more than enough variety in the different enemies you encounter, the weapons you get, the skills you level up with and the locations you visit.

Posts: 341

Haha. Jenssen always mentions Wow when hes out of arguments.

Heck wow still has more to do than borderlands 2 ;)

Posts: 1317

You play World of Warcraft, Xidio...

Posts: 1548

Yeah but its till pretty fun if you dont overdo it.

Posts: 341

Borderlands 2 is still one of the most repetitive titles to ever have existed on any one platform.