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Go Close Quarters Before You Go To China

By JcDent12-06-2013

DICE is probably the only corner of the EA-vil empire that still gains good will. In E3, they showed Battlefield 4 - looks awesome, lets you battle the PRC, announced Mirror's Edge 2 (looks nice, lets you beat up troops from Remember Me) and teased Star Wars: Battlefront (will probably look awesome, let you battle rebel scum). And now, as a sort of promotion, they're giving away Close Quarters, a Battlefield 3 DLC.

Close Quarters admittedly, is not the best BF3 content pack. Probably because it's aimed at those...people who favour Call of Duty, since all of the maps are tight, indoor combat areas. No tanks, no range, no fun, just the same corridors all over again - and not even HVR to help you out. That said, some people liked it, so... it can't be all that bad?

Anyways, it's free (yay!), so, as long as E3 lasts, enter "BF3E3" promo code in Origins redeem code window and look for servers who ban shotgun use!

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Can confirm this also doesn't require Battlefield 3 to redeem.

Nice touch

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"Hiiii Kelevandos!"
"Well, so... I... I really liked CQC DLC for Battlefield 3. And I... like using shotgun... I am... a shotgun freak of a kind..."

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Mmmmm free things!