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Go Back To Middle-Earth With Monolith

By acharris7714-11-2013

My precious...Monolith, who are better known for their FPS's like No One Lives For Ever, are moving into the open world. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, set in between the events of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, will follow a lone Ranger called Talion. Being aimed at the next-gen consoles, the game will use Monolith's new Nemesis System: Where each enemy is named, and they can learn to adapt, if they survive a battle with you.

With the inspiration coming from the Arkham series of Batman games. Monolith understood what they needed when approaching a licence of such magnitude. The next challenge was to choose a setting, which has not already been explored in detail, but would still yield exciting results. With so many gaps between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings untouched, there are still loads of potential for new stories based on JRR Tolkien's masterpieces. Monolith said: "Mordor is such an exciting setting to be able to show it in a way that it's never been seen before." Come here...My Precious

For this game, players will take control of the Ranger Tailon, who appears to be half wraith. What this means is still unknown, as they have not revealed much information on it; from looking at artwork he has some sort of...power. His story is that Sauron murdered his family in Mordor, before it becomes the wasteland we know it as in the trilogy.

The Nemesis System is what is going to make this take on Middle Earth interesting. Each enemy will have their own name, and they will grow stronger and interact with the environment as good as Tailon can. According to Monolith "there's nothing more important than this project right now." If this is going to be as good as they say, then this could be the perfect addition to the Lord of the Rings universe, as long as Gollum does not get hold of his...precious first.

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Posts: 207

It's not consistent with Tolkien's writings....they're just making stuff up...and it's ruining it!!

Posts: 3290

Certainly does. This might just be that one Middle Earth game I take the time to play

Posts: 596

Holds potential :D