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Global Agenda 2 Announced

By NeonAnderson04-10-2012

Very recently, one of the Hi-Rez Team Members posted a thread on the official Global Agenda forums.

The post said two main points; the first point the post had was to reflect on the successes and failures of Global Agenda. It seems the developers wanted to let their fans know that they do see the issues at hand with Global Agenda and are fully aware of what they did right and what they did wrong.

The second point and perhaps most interesting point for most people, is the announcement of the development of a new Global Agenda game that will use the working title of “Global Agenda 2”. The developers expect to start beta testing sometime in the middle of 2013.

It is a safe bet that Global Agenda 2 will follow the business models of Tribes and Smite, thus F2P with premium purchasable items/characters/weapons/skins. The developers have also stated that GA2 will be a PvP focused game and hinted at it being more accessible than Tribes: Ascend.

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