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Give This a TRI

By Bobfish02-10-2013

Uhm...motion sickness the puzzle game?

I think that's what TRI is. I'm not sure to be honest. But I damn sure know I want more of it. Featuring block puzzles and the ability to walk up walks and along ceilings...yea, it's a little on the eccentric side. But what can you really expect when the notorious God of Foxes breaks out of his magical prison? They're known for being quite playful, to put it mildly.

The art style is absolutely gorgeous, almost bordering on a sado-masochistic abundance of colour. Perhaps taking the weight of the gaming industry on its shoulders. Essentially, you have to solve your way through a series of block puzzles within an immense pagoda, by creating magical triangles that allow you to walk...pretty much anywhere. And...no, that's about it. Sounds simple? Well, that's because it is. A simple premise. But as the trailer shows, a dizzyingly complicated execution.

This could well be the most inventive puzzle game since Portal, so join me in upvoting it on Greenlight.

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Posts: 166

Think I might add this, it looks interesting

Posts: 3290

Already done.

I also pledged to Universum so...yeah. Expect to see this in my library in the not too distant future too

Posts: 297

I'm adding this and Universum to my Greenlight favorites instantly.