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Ghosts Making Sniper Rifles Viable

By JcDent10-09-2013

CoDBlOps 2 multiplayer is about one thing only: rapid-fire. Battles are so close that nothing else matters and whoever has better reflexes win.

Well, this horrible thing might come to an end. As stated in this TwiLonger, the new sniper rifles in Ghost will have a lot of adjustments, in addition to things like double draw scopes and sway. The easiest thing to spot is increased damage... which still lets them be used point blank. As for quickscoping? Is it gone?


What the bleepin bleep on a bleep sandwitch? "Maybe"? It's a pretty simple thing, the quick drawing of scope and shooting with barely aiming, how can it be maybe gone? The post goes on to add that some tactics are no longer viable, so maybe this means that quickscoping through the entire map is no longer possible, but who knows.

Then again, hey, a step in the right direction!

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Anyway... theyre viable? WHAT THE FUCK?
INcreasing damage and adding sway is viable? Lol wut. BIGGER maps make them viable..

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Is... that an image from BF: Bad Company 2? O.o