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Ghosts Launch Video At Least Has Good Music

By JcDent22-10-2013

I remember the days when Call of Duty was good (Modern Warfare 1 and Black Ops 1), maybe it will be good, again, with Ghosts? We'll see. But now, take a look at this trailer!

For one, we'll be fighting on a probably doomed carrier – a setting that wasn't fun in Army of Two, and didn't really improve since – because what else shows that this is serious business? I mean, carriers are MURRICA's ultimate expression of power – only they field them in numbers and if somebody is taking one down, then watch out! On the other hand, this new global power (as the video info deems it) is probably South America based, so it's kind of a rehash of Black Ops 2. At least in Battlefield 4, it will be China and have less sci-fi toys.

What else is there? A lot of falling! This is probably one of the easiest ways to demonstrate what a serious, uncontrolled situation you are in and squeeze in some damned quick time events. Also, this gives room for "setpieces" which, while looking cool, don't really have player interaction, so aren't that much of a game. And look how many times something is falling in this video! Even the throwaway "MW1 had first person deaths, so we must have them too" astronauts are falling.

The tank section looks cool (and those were always cool in WW2 CoD games) while the airplane section will still probably be a somewhat on rails experience. Anyways, hopefully the lines of praise that flash on screen are genuine opinions of experienced critics and not just sucking up to the devs.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will haunt our PC's of the 5th of November. Hopefully, we'll remember it not only as Guy Fawke's day, but also as The Day When Call of Duty Stopped Being Bad.

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Here, have some good rap...


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Good music? Go to bed, JC. You're Eminem.