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Ghosts Haunt Us With New Trailer

By JcDent10-09-2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts is the upcoming instalment of the highly successful Call of Duty series. It continues to sell despite the fact the script writers started freebasing drain cleaner sometime after Modern Warfare (Also known as CoD4) and moved to even heavier stuff later on. Also, I'm not a fan of its multiplayer.

Anyways, the fact still remains that single player campaign is still an undeniable part of the Call of Duty experience. It might have taken a turn for stupid, but it used to be fun and had some great set pieces (except for maybe Modern Warfare 3 and Treyarch's Black Ops 2). Anyways, the new trailer starts fith astronauts fighting it out around a crumbling space station - stuff reminds me of either that new Sandra Bullock movie trailer (booo) or Greg Bear's Eon (yay). The astronaut fight ends with Cobra Commander's vict... I mean, kinetic bombardment of the US with Rods of God.

And for once, it's was not the Russians who did it (even though they're the only one with the technology to build shuttles). Feeding on the fear of immigrants taking their jobs, CoD creators present a new enemy: some sort of union of Spanish speaking states! Move away vaguely middle eastern people, the Latinos are out to get us! We know they're evil because their flag has the star circle of the European Union, on a black background, and red stripes on the sides.

EEEvil Latinos, is what I'm saying.

"You never expect something you trust to turn against you" says Mister narrator, probably our main character, thus setting the stage for the game to stuff its head up its own ass. Also, is this the same USA that beat back Russia in MW3? We can't know yet, but if so, the time is coming when either Europe or Africa will try to invade.

Anyways, we see some action set pieces and they look quite good, without the overblown nonsense that we saw in Modern Warfare 3, though I think they will try to cram an Invasion of Normandy...WITH HELICOPTERS somewhere in there. Otherwise, it's ruins, corridors, futuristic hanging train, snowy places... All normal places to shoot people in, but nothing too exciting.

Oh Infinity, could you please give us a Korean war game? Nobody objects for US being there and once again you have a historical war, which means you don't need a QTE boss fight in the end (Battlefield, take note).

There's also some BS about a patriot giving not only his, but his son's life for his country... Yes, we have two different studios making CoD games and copying ideas of one another. And from each studio's shittiest work - father and son are needed for emotional attachment and that is needed so it could be easily farmed for "drama" points whenever one of them dies.

Then again, this is great news for the dog, for his chances of surviving just increased.

Finally we get some cool stuff, like air dropped tanks (you kids might not remember, but driving tanks was an integral part of Call of Duty experience) and a gas masked trooper shooting akimbo pistols before dropping them and reaching down for his rifle.

And of course, a lot of footage of tacticool MW2's Ghost character's knock-offs, because you need to secure money off them children.

All in all? Not that bad. I'm intrigued by the League of Evil Latinos, some of the set pieces look nice, it doesn't look as absurd as BlOps2's future segments (otherwise we'd see airdropped Polish future tanks) and voice over is only lukewarm in pretentiousness.

I know I will play it when it comes out. As well as Battlefield 4.

Problem, "fanboys"?

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It went off the deep end with MW2...and definitely with MW3. Treyarch took a turn for stupid when they copied MW3 for sequel to the last good CoD game, BlackOps.

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CoD is getting ridiculous. Someone needs a slap.

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Was that Nolan North's voice? I NEED A CONFIRMATION NOW!!!

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If it just wasn't as expensive...