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Ghosts Graphically Impressive, Finally Able To Show Females

By JcDent19-08-2013

Mark Ruben, Infinity Ward's executive producer, has done a lot of talking to Kotaku - and it's all about Call of Duty: Ghosts, the newest game in the mediocre, yet still absurdly famous FPS series.

So as not to be aggressively angry from the get go, first we're gonna talk about graphics. Previously, all game used the same assets as those used in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. This time, the game comes out for both X360, PS3, WiiU and the next gen XbOne and PS4, which means a lot of difference is graphics (which might also be the reason why there won't be any cross-gen multiplayer). On the other hand, the PC version, for the first time, will have its own assets.

And they're going to look even better than what next-gen consoles get.

To quote the guy, "They're actually using an even higher version in many cases than the next-gen consoles, from a texture standpoint"

So, suck it, smelly console peons!

Now, onto more pretentiousness generating stuff. For a long time (read: all CoD games), you couldn't play as a female. That's fine and dandy, for me, at least: World War 2 and modern military battlefields aren't exactly known for that many women to be fighting alongside the men. Also, most of CoD was published way back when girl gamers were an actual mystical breed. Anyways, maybe now that the game is set in the year Near Future, it's an option to have chicks with guns because who knows where the military will go in the future?

Naw, that's because earlier engines didn't have enough memory to handle all the vagina thrown at them.

Some other news sites are frothing blood about this, but I think that the whole "justification" thing was unnecessary to begin with. Now you can play females. That's great! Ladies will probably love it! You don't have to go justifying yourself and covering all the bases. I mean, who cares about why you couldn't play them before?

Internet feminists, of course, but you can't please everyone and you definitely don't need to please them.

Oh, and before you go and change your sex online because ladies are on average smaller and slimmer than men (US military learned that the hard way when they had to shell out cash to make armor that actually fits lady physique well), this is not ATB - hit boxes here are going to be the same for both sexes. Knowing consoles, it's a big square anyways.

So... does this have your panties in a twist?

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Posts: 3290

Because of all the jiggle physics amirite?

Posts: 267

Well, with their focus on consoles with ~256 MB of VRAM in earlier games - quite possible.

Posts: 3290

Because of memory limitations...are you FUCKING kidding me?

Posts: 1317

Call of Duty. Now for 14 year olds of all genders!