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Ghosts get Heavy Duty

By acharris7727-12-2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts fans have been given a Christmas gift, thanks to Infinity Ward. An update, which rolled out and added a new mode to the game. Heavy Duty is a multiplayer playlist in which each soldier spawns with extra health. Besides the new mode, the update also brings with it extra weapon loadout options, to use when playing infected mode so that the squad will earn extra points throughout the first five levels.

Not only does the update add the above features, it also removes the invisibility glitch, which was ruining the online experience of Ghosts. Not only that, but players could trigger unlimited perks as well when playing. There are also a few platform-specific fixes, so for more information on what the update does head over to the Call of Duty forums here.

So Merry Christmas and hopefully only this Ghost visited you, and not the ones from Christmas Past, Present and Future.

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Welcome to my mind

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wtf did I just read...

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Isn't all CoD DLC paid?

They should add a game mode where everyone plays as fleas on Riley's buttcrack, killing worms before they can reach his gastrointestinal tract.

Did I seriously just write that?

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Isn't it a paid DLC though? I saw a paid Xmas DLC pop-up for CoD Ghosts on Steam...