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Ghosts Devastation DLC With A Trailer Now

By JcDent01-04-2014

Call of Duty: Ghosts, the likely worst Call of Duty to date, still has a big DLC incoming. While I already wrote about it, this trailer clears some things up.

First, there are the maps. Ruins looks like the stereotypical South American ruins... and also features a volcano that you can explode. No lava rivers or other levolution crap, it just starts raining flaming rocks. As an ugly bonus, we can see how Imran Zakhaev's skin looks in game (horrible).

Collision is what happens when some drunk freighter captain thinks he can clear a bridge (he can't). A tangle of containers, bridge and ship, it provides more sniper action, just like Ruins did. Must be real confusing for CoD players, being able to shoot people more than three steps away. That must explain why players in the video die so slow. It's just so confusing! Also, as a bonus, the A-10 drones are re-used from the campaign and you can strafe the ship with them.

Behemoth, the level on top of a giant excavator, isn't featured that much. Again, sniper action and that's basically it. And, unless my eyesight is failing me, no railgun helicopter in sight!

Unearthed is the last one, and cantered around a dug up piece of Extinction stupidy (those aren't aliens, those are thermal infused life forms that went underground before dinosaurs disappeared). Run around till you get what seems to be a toxic grenade launcher. Yay!

Speaking of Extinction, it receives Episode 2 – Mayday, set in an abandoned Chinese research ship. At this point, ships are starting to become the new sewer level. At least it's not the obligatory aircraft carrier. On the other hand, we get wall polyp aliens, so everybody loses. Oh, and there's the imaginatively named Kraken monster at the end of the map!

The mysterious "Ripper" transforming rifle-SMG is revealed, too! How does it work? Why, by pushing the forward part of the gun, er, forward, magically extending the barrel and bringing up green holosights! This thing is as ridiculous as it sounds.

If any of you buy it, I'll be very disappointed.

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