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Ghost Recon Wildlands Developer QA Trailer

By WskOsc11-12-2015

It's been a while since we've had a Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer and many questions are still left open regarding the upcoming open world game. The above video isn't very long but various developers on the project attempt to answer some of the questions raised by the community. Incase you prefer text to those newfangled moving pictures and spoken word here's a rundown:

How will game progression work? Players can tackle missions in any order, with a main goal of destabilizing and defeating the villains of the piece, the cartels. Missions will be similarly free form as we've seen right from the earliest trailers and can be tackled in various ways.

How tactical is Ghost Recon Wildlands? Players have access to gear, location and time of day to plan their approach to missions. The video shows parachuting while the dev is talking and base jumping was mentioned earlier.

What if I am playing solo? There'll always be four characters present. Playing solo there'll be three AI characters following you around. If you play with two people then there'll be two Ais.

Is the game a first or third person shooter? The camera is third person for added awareness of your surroundings but pulling up a weapon's sights will put you into a first-person view for better reactions and accuracy.

How smart is the AI in the game? Very smart, apparently. They'll attempt to flank, suppress, use vehicles.

How authentic is the game? Watch this trailer.

What types of vehicles are available in the game? Sea, air, and land. The video shows a RHIB, dirt bikes, two different off-road buggies with mounted turrets, and helicopters have previously been mentioned.

Will there be customization in the game? Short answer, yes. Long answer; you can edit your physical appearance, clothes, and equipment including C4, mines and grenades. Weapons will also be customizable with attachments via the gunsmith system (likely similar to Ghost Recon Future Soldier judging by the name.)

We're certainly liking what we're hearing and seeing, it looks like an absolute blast and we can't wait to get our hands on it. Still no word on a release date but the developers in the video talk about polishing the product so it might not be totally unreasonable to assume we'll see it in the middle of next year.


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