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GfWL is Dead - Rejoice

By Mokman21-10-2013

Well, not exactly, but it has finally begun to take the first few teetering totters towards inevitable demise. This time in the form of Capcom wisely removing GFWL from its PC titles, affecting a substantial number of PC games. This was something of an unofficial announcement, as seen on this reply from Capcom as posted by a Steam User, but a representative has stated:

"We are still not 100% what is going to happen regarding the winding-down of Games For Windows Live. It should be possible to keep playing and saving until the end of Games For Windows Live - please keep checking regularly on (www.capcom-unity.com) for news as we progress."

Furthermore, it seems that the same is occurring for Dirt3, the somewhat frenetic racing game out by Codemasters, with it removing the integration with GFWL for the game.

While this may cause some problems for those who have not yet transferred to other clients, or games which have not yet received support for other networks, this is definitely a right move in shunning one of the most frustrating clients to date.

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Posts: 1548

I am actually feeling a bit sorry for GfWL. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!

Posts: 124

A moment of remembrance...NOT!