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Getting Visceral with Dead Space 3

By RubyStreams26-09-2012

Visceral Games have very kindly released a gameplay walkthrough, with their Creative Director and Senior Audio Artist, for Dead Space 3.

At around 17 minutes in length, the walkthrough shows off some high action set pieces, tense moments of isolation and Isaac Clarke looking casual (briefly).

Officially announced at this year's E3, Dead Space 3 looks to carry on the suspenseful horror route that Dead Space started, but is trying something new with co-op and, the not so scary sounding, daylight.

Dead Space 3 releases in February of next year.

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Posts: 240

So no Sheva-esque "ERMAGERDWASTEALLTHEAMMO" A.I. forever following you around? Sounds less bad in that case.

Posts: 223

Luckily if you play solo, the character you would be partnered with if playing co-op, is only present now and again, the majority of the time you will be alone.

Posts: 240

My thoughts exactly. The second Dead Space was a good game but I felt it was missing that perfect balance between survival horror and action moments that the first game combined so well. They should be trying to do that again in my opinion. Wish the co-op wasn't a part either - that didn't exactly turn out well for Resident Evil 5 (easily the shittest game in the series but 6 has the potential to be even worse at this rate) and I don't think it'll work well here.

Posts: 1548

Dead Space should of been an answer to Resident Evil going the action rout and now they are taking the same path...