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Get Your Killing Floor Ringside Seats (Updated)

By Toast02-07-2013

Killing Floor fans, listen up! Tripwire Interactive have recently tweeted hinting at something they've been working on being released within the next few days. Well it has been a few days since this tweet was posted and a release of something like the anticipated Summer Event, which is speculated to come out at some point this week, is more than likely due to previous event dates.

According to a sudden leak by Valve and Tripwire on the Steam achievement statistics for Killing Floor you don't have to wait much longer. The details revealed so far in the list show that the new map will be called Steamland, suggesting possibly a steampunk style map perhaps? Other details include the not so surprising pack of new weapons, which most of them seem to be titled with an 'SP', whatever this will mean, it remains unclear if these weapons will be free or to buy as DLC. The other interesting thing we have discovered is that there appears to be a brand spanking new mode heading its way into the game known as Objective mode, so far we can only see from 2 achievements that you'll be doing objectives like escorting and defending. There is no evidence of this carrying over to other maps and seems to possibly be only exclusive to the new Steamland map. However it is extremely interesting to see Tripwire try something new, and hopefully something similar can be added to existing and new maps if proven to be liked by the majority of the community.

On a more unrelated note, since the previous Killing Floor events have usually coincided with the famous Steam holiday sales, it may be safe to say that the Summer Sale could be arriving this week alongside the event. Fun and exciting times ahead folks!

Who is ready to jump back into Killing Floor and kill some summer themed zeds? I know I am!

Update: Thanks to our colleagues at PCGamer, we can now confirm this will be a Steampunk pack called The Summer Sideshow Pier of Pain. Check out the video above and the gallery below for the full details.

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