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Get Your Hackintosh Out for Quadrilateral Cowboy

By siegarettes05-10-2012

Thirty Flights of Loving developer Blendo Games released gameplay video of their upcoming stealth hacking game, Quadrilateral Cowboy. The gameplay shows off the tutorial area, highlighting the hacking mechanics and the syntax of the in-game hacking language you'll be using to hack the various systems in the game. It also touches upon neat ideas such a portable hacking deck, and the ability to climb up walls.

So far the game is imbued with the same low-poly presentation and undeniable style that saturated Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights of Loving. The hacking mechanic looks like a return to the novel gameplay mechanics that made his previous works, Flotilla and Atom Zombie Smasher, so fun to play. Color me excited for this one.

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Hmmm. This looks strangely, geeky cool...