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Get Your Boots in a BF3 Jet

By JcDent18-08-2013

Battlefield 3 is a game about multiplayer fights that also involve aircraft - and it's about to get another game in the series, called Battlefield 4 (oh those wacky naming conventions).

Strangely enough, Battlefield 3 Boot Camp videos are being produced and one of them now deals with defensive jet manoeuvres. Jets are an integral part of the game in the maps that they're present and they're a massive pain in the ass: they're harder to hit that than helos, they can harass both air and ground targets (many a tank was shredded by their rockets) and I can't drive them to save my virtual life.

Well, this boot camp video won't make you a better attack plane pilot, but it deals with matters of outsmarting the other flyboys (and probable occasional flygirl) and ground based AA defences (AA tank is the best tank after tank ). Differences between the ECM and flare upgrade are discussed (for ground pounders, both of them are annoying) as well as some manoeuvres you can do in a dog fight. And since the demonstration happens in an air conquest map, dog fights are the only fights that happen.

Any of you got any pro tips how to do you own 360 no scope jet main gun kills?

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I still can't fathom why they're doing this now though o.O

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This wont help. Nothing will help. I just suck. Or should I say there are too many aces :(