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Get Your Butt Kicked in Other Regions

By SavageOcto10-11-2012

Global Play is coming to Starcraft II, giving players access to servers outside their region. This makes it easier for you to play with friends in other continents, but you can't transfer your stats between server regions.

Blizzard is hoping this helps the games reports scene by making it easier for cross-continental online competitions easier to setup. It needs a boost if it wants to catch up in popularity with League of Legends, which just had its Season 2 Championships with a $2mil 1st place prize from Riot.

So are you excited for Global Play? Do you watch SC2 or other eSport game? Leave your thoughts below.


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I'm sorry but I can't get exited over something that should have been there from launch. Battle.net 2.0 has been a disaster, which is really sad because I love starcraft 2.