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Get Yer Heroes Of The Storm News Here!

By Fr33Lanc3r.00711-11-2013

Heroes of the Storm, the game previously known as Blizzard All Stars, has seen a fair bit of news come to light in recent days, which is understandable given that BlizzCon happened over the weekend. So without further ado.

First up, we have what may be the most amazing trailer that I've seen this year. Blizzard has been steadily getting better at crafting amazing cinematics, and Heroes of the Storm is no different. Depicting a battle between Diablo, Kerrigan, Arthas, Nova, Raynor and Tyrael in all the spectacular glory that such a mashup deserves. There isn't much else to say here but watch and be amazed!

We've also got a gameplay sneak peak, giving us a quick look at some of the various gameplay elements - such as a variety of maps with different side goals that can turn the tide of the battle, the various choices in abilities. And speaking of the things that make Heroes different from the average MOBA on the market today.

We have a clip with the developers detailing the history of the game, and everything that they've done to adapt the genre to their own universes and ideas for how a MOBA should work. Last hits have lost emphasis, each character has multiple possible builds (for instance, you can play Uther as either a dedicated healer, or a deadly warrior, depending on your abilities and the needs of your team), and a variety of maps with a variety of strategic options to keep the game fresh.

There's also a ton of awesome art associated with the game, shown off in both the videos above, and the absolutely gorgeous poster at the top of the page (seriously, I need that poster, framed and hanging on my wall!)

Can anyone else tell that I'm excited for this?

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Raynor vs Diablo - an interesting combination.