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Get Together Right Now over The Sims 4

By Bunnysuit05-08-2015

EA have announced their new expansion for The Sims 4, known as "Get Together". Those familiar with the previous sim games, this expansion sounds very similar to the "Late Night" expansions. Though they focused on the grouping aspect as their title for this generation. To be honest, "Get Together" doesn't sound nearly as exciting as "Late Night". The most exciting addition from Late Night were vampires, there is currently no vampire in sight for Get Together, but they might announced that before release or in a separate supernatural pack.

This expansion introduces a new neighbourhood, or world called Windenburg, with structures very similar to Fantasyland in Disney World. Windenburg will include a town square, a countryside and an island. With this new world you can have a group of Sims be together to have fun and explore night clubs.

There will be existing clubs of different varieties in The Sims 4 Get Together. No information yet on how many there will be, but you as the creator, you can make your own club. You can also play foosball, and the most interesting new interaction is getting dressed up together. Customizing your sim is definitely one of the best features of the series.

There will be new skills for your sim to level up, dancing and DJing. Not new to the series, but new to the Sims 4. No news yet if they'll bring back mixology or baristaing as well. Expect the Sims 4 Get Together to come together for you November of this year.

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