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Get Shot In the Chest

By Mokman02-06-2013

You know what gaming needs for a truly immersive experience? Real pain! Well, perhaps not real pain, as that conjures up particularly gruesome images of geeks worldwide writhing on the floor every single time anybody gets virtually shot - but as the various sensory equipment employed in giving gamers a good time increase, the area of touch is being neglected. As console gamers fully know, few things are more satisfying about videogame controllers than their vibrating function - a sense of tactile agency related to the game.

Well, soon we'll have our own toys. Meet ARAIG - As Real As It Gets. Okay, so it's quite a horrible name, but I can promise you that that's the only thing holding this baby back. It's basically a vest which models sensations in-game, turning it into real-life vibrations through various patches and systems within the chest-piece. Just listen to this:

"ARAIG has 3 forms of sensory feedback that make up ARAIG's Nervous System; Surround Sound, Vibration and STIMS. Overall, these sensations will work on global settings for any current or future games that ARAIG is compatible with through the use of a Decoder without any support from game developers. As game developers start implementing ARAIG into their development process our global settings can be completely altered to become specific sensations that the developers want you to feel for their game to differentiate themselves from their competition."

Currently on Kickstarter, one has to pledge approximately $300 before qualifying for the wonder-suit, but watching the video and reading the ideas spawning in regards to this suit, I daresay it will be a worthwhile investment.


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You and your bacon...

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Because bacon?

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It's a cool gizmo, especially if you're getting the Rift, but... I don't know... It's cool for a while, but it won't keep you immersed forever.