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Get Ready For a PlanetSide Showdown

By SavageOcto18-12-2012

PlanetSide 2 has been out for almost a month and the first event for the game has been announced by SOE. The Ultimate Empire Showdown will have 3 YouTube stars leading each of the 3 empires in the game. The TR are being led by Total Biscuit, a YouTube video game commentator and occasional StarCraft caster. Seananners, who makes let’s play videos on YouTube (he needs to do more Minecraft) is leading the NC. Finally the VS are led by Tobuscus, who also makes let’s play videos and other shorts, often gaming related.

The showdown is to commence on January 25th. Players can join up follow their respective empire leaders on twitter and YouTube to get intel and giveaways for the event as well as meet up, play, and train for the 25th.

SOE is a bit vague on what the showdown will be. My guess is that it is an attempt to push players to work together under a single command. Playing the game solo drastically increases down time between the huge fights the game strives for. It’s difficult to judge where to go next after capturing a base as everyone often goes in all directions if their playing alone. However, playing a group is where the game truly shines. The bigger the group - the better.

Hopefully they’ll release more information about the event and what’s going to happen January 25th. Until then if you aren’t in an outfit already, follow your empires leader for update. As of this writing only Total Biscuit has said which server he’s playing on, Waterson, and has been actively recruiting for his outfit. I assume the other leaders are on there as well, but they haven’t announced anything of their plans as of yet it seems.

If you haven’t decided which empire you want to fight for yet, check out their recruitment videos. Spoilers: the TR have the best one. You can disagree, but it’s not good for your health.

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