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Get Lara To The Chopper!

By Bobfish11-02-2013

I honestly usually shy away from Walkthrough videos. I do watch some Let's Play channels on YouTube, but even then only games I've already played or have no interest in. So when the above, for the still unreleased Tomb Raider, came across my desk, I was wary. Both because it's a Walkthrough and because it's an unreleased game that I'm now quite excited for. I know, I know, I was positively hating on it not so very long ago, but I've really come around in the last couple months. In the end, it was the latter that won me over. In a rare turn of events, my anticipation got the better of me. So, here I am, to tell you “these chocodiles. Oh my God. These chocodiles.”

It's a moderately lengthy video, clocking in at just over eleven minutes, and is packed full of a great deal of content. Not so much in way of plot development, it's quite clear that the chaps at Crystal Dynamics (they're getting a lot of work these days huh?) thought about this very sensibly. Rather, it shows a great deal of the play mechanics. There's a strong emphasis on dynamic interactions. Lara shifts between various animations fluidly, judging from the video at least, automatically and, most importantly, without sticking to the bloody wall when she's hiding behind it. A very nice touch indeed, especially when she's hanging off the edge of that cliff at around the three minute mark. The way she was ducking down her head when the scavenger chap was looking towards her was pretty nifty. Some of the event type interactions, like a slow down to break barriers when she's sliding down a waterfall are a little trite, but they seem to be handled fairly well and it would be pretty annoying, from a gameplay perspective, if you had to do it all at speed.

All in all, I found this to be a really interesting video. There's a lot of effort in here to show off as much of the game, as far as gameplay, as they could. It's also worth noting that this footage was almost certainly taken from the 360 release, which only leaves me wondering what it will be like on the PC. It's a gorgeous game. The smoke and fire effects, the lighting and the way foliage moves, not to mention lighting, particle effects and all the rest. I am officially impressed. I strongly recommend you give it a once over, 

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I'm pretty stoked to be honest. Is it obvious?

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Is it just me or something is a bit...off?