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Get Emotional With New Teaser, GFWL Leaves Arkham Forever

By MrJenssen18-10-2013

There isn't much to say for this less-than-one-minute teaser for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins from developer Warner Bros' Montréal developer. It tells little about the game (other than Bruce apparently shaving his head as an adult) and there is no gameplay, but... it still manages to be quite captivating. I suggest giving it a watch.

If gameplay is more your thing - y'know, because you're a gamer - then feel free to check out the demo shown at this year's E3. It should keep your thirst quenched for at least a little bit. Batman: Arkham Origins steps out on the shadow on October 25. Yep, one week from now.

You may also be pleased to hear that the franchise's two previous games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, have both gotten the Steamworks treatment. It has already been known for a while that Arkham Origins will not be using GFWL since GFWL will simply cease to exist next summer and now the two former games - which both embraced GFWL at the time of release - are also being saved from the black hole Microsoft are leaving behind.

People who own retail copies and other non-Steam versions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, are now able to type in the CD key for their games into Steam (following the usual routine by clicking "Add A Game" in the bottom left corner of your Steam client window) and thereby get the GOTY edition of the games on Steam. If you already own the games on Steam, then don't worry. You're taken care of. You should already now find the GOTY edition of the game(s) in your Steam Library, now fully devoid of any GFWL-induced diseases.

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Instead of just upgrading my AC they gave me another one. Do I have to play it again just for achievements? :(