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Get Demo

By Bobfish22-01-2014

A truly mind blowing tech demo has appeared for Get Even. To be perfectly honest, the first few seconds I thought this was going to be one of those 'this is the real world, this is our in game render' shindigs. But the whole thing is a render. Oh my stars and garters is it mind boggling!

Now, it does fall down a bit when we pan over the rubbish bags in the corner, they look decidedly flat and baked on. And, of course, it's always worth qualifying that this is an indoor environment, which are logistically much easier to produce for several reasons. But just look at it dude! The lighting, the dust, the texture of the concrete...this is what we need guys. This is the kind of graphical fidelity we are looking for.

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Oh snap! I thought that was filmed in a warehouse!