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Geralt's Luscious Hair

By Bobfish25-03-2014

We all know The Witcher 3 is a purdy looking game. Right? Well, if you were still unconvinced, we have something today what wilt surely change thine opinion. Courtesy of of GDC and some marvellous people over at NeoGAF (and a mobile phone?) we have not one, but three tech videos about hair and grass, as well as a few more images showing off the lighting, textures and general, all around purdiness.

It's like that old addage. Things really do look better with age. Geralt most certainly does. Sporting that rugged, manly, most awesomest of facial fuzz. Now, all we need to see, is a follow up video combining our witchy friend, and the pretty damned spectacular physics tools on display in these videos...so we can see every individual hair in his beard rippling in time with his breath.

Sound silly? Well, actually, these days, it's not. We are coming ever closer to genuinely replicating that level of realism. The work that CD Projekt RED have put into Wild Hunt, all joking aside, really helps to show just how far video games have come.

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