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Geralt Gets Stoned

By Bobfish13-10-2015

Y'know, immortality really ain't all it's cracked up to be. I mean, you get to live for ever, which is kinda' cool. And if a dude lops yer 'ead off, you can just pick it up and be back on your merry way without batting an eyelid. But, you also live forever, which gets really bloody boring. In The Witcher 3's latest expansion, Geralt is going to learn all about it. Albeit, second hand, but still. He's a smart chap, and knows how to listen and disambiguate the salient points of a tale as related.

So when someone literally loses his head at the sight of him (at the 45 second mark) it gives Mister Colossal Ballsack of Rivia a moments reflection...before he just carries on wrecking everyone's shit. In short, it's more of what you love, and it's more of...more...ness.

Something like that.

Point is, it's out today and offers a hefty tenish hours of extra content for you to hack, slash and fuck your way through. Also some boss new tattoos Geralt is sporting. What more do you want?

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