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Geralt’s New Grass

By MatthewJMimnaugh08-12-2013

If The Witcher 2 didn't look good enough already, well, here's another reason to make GPUs melt.  The first mod, one for extreme flora quality, drastically increases the quality of the plant elements or, alternatively, the maximum distance at which the details begin petering off.  It also has plant life react to wind, giving the world a more immersive feel.  The second, an infinite grass renderer, does much the same, except only for grass; where it differs, though, is in the way it completely eliminates grass pop-in, which is always a rather irritating immersion breaker, no matter a game's graphical beauty.

Now what this practically means and why it technically makes in impact is in the game streamlining elements it removes.  Bushes, for instance, are replaced with 2D sprites at a distance; this makes the game easier to run, but sacrifices in aesthetic realism.  These mods eliminate that.  Another thing it does is add in dynamic effects for objects at long range, an example being the swaying of a tree branch at a distance.  This, too, has been changed.  Obviously the will have a negative effect on the game performance, so those with lower end PC's be wary.  Also, if you are running the Combat Rebalance mod, this mini mod should fix any compatibility errors.

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