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Generating Inventory Screens - Door Kickers 5!

By Fr33Lanc3r.00723-10-2013

Door Kickers is a great game, and it's only getting better! Alpha 5 went live today, and brought with it both the much anticipated mission generator - wherein you're able to load up a mission from the barest parameters and try your luck - and the ability to alter the inventory of individual troopers - allowing you to swap out flashbangs for an extra breaching charge, or change an assault carbine for a fully automatic SMG.

There's more that's been changed, but I think that between the video above, and the fact that all of you should have gone and bought this after reading my preview, I think you'll manage to work those out for yourself!

Full Changelist:


- You can now customize the inventory of each trooper.

- Random mission generator.

- "No Intel" play mode. For now an experiment, only available in the Random Mission Generator.

- Persistent trooper roster.

- The Corner Engagement issue is done! AI now correctly engages center of visible mass when engaging partially-covered enemies.

- In-cover status now visible on characters; also improved the cover system in general.

- Can now order troopers to switch between primary and secondary weapons.

- "Reload" and "Switch weapon" waypoints now block movement until they are completed.The On-Call actions are still performed on the move and left to player discretion.

- New ambiental music tracks and win/lose jingles.

- New maps.

- Many improvements/fixes on the firearms' shooting methods.

- Improved deploy screen usability: you can now replace troopers by droping them on top of each other, plus other improvements.

- Firearms are now fully moddable (can add more weapons at will).


- Many fixes to delays in the friendly AI's targeting.

- Can no longer rotate trooper while disarming bomb, placing a breaching charge or using the spy camera.

- Damage was sometimes incorrectly calculated, which resulted in a more randomness than design intended.

- Fixed game not starting on some Windows XP versions (normaliz.dll error).

- When playing in a resolution below 1366x768, the game no longer crashes and burns.

- Fixed OpenGL-related crash on older hardware.

- Fixed AI going through walls.

- Fixed Linux multi-monitor bug.

- Fixed resolution not changing after switching monitors or changing desktop resolution.

No more impossible-to-kill enemies on the airplane level.

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