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Generals 2: Changes, Changes, Always With the Changes

By Bis18marck7010-09-2012

So here we were, thinking that EA’s quest to totally turn everything the Command & Conquer series had around, found no end. However, it seems we were wrong. After being announced to come our way without a single-player as part of the F2P system, it seems that the former evil has again been ditched.

While the game will still, at least until now, be based upon the first C&C: Generals, EA seems to be in somewhat of a loss to what do with the series. Different news have sprouted up from time to time with EA going back upon their decisions more than once, one might actually wonder were this will finally lead.

EA still gives us the old platitude of ensuring that only those features that are truly wanted by the players and community would be introduced to the game. Well, they might have listened with the singleplayer but making the whole game F2P doesn’t really sound like a step the gaming community called for. And while we are on the topic, EA claims that with C&C: Generals 2 they will actually dispel the ‘misconceptions’ people have on the F2P system. And that is not all – EA plans to release the game on consoles as well. That’s a lot of promises. Do you think they are up to the task?

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Posts: 1548

I'm just waiting for this model to crash and burn.

Posts: 67

I'm getting sick of this F2P race by the publishers, fuckin' cattle. First, no one gave a dime for the model, then Valve and riot came with Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends respectively. After a couple of more successes, what do they do? They want everything F2P!

Posts: 1548

EA, ditch the stupid F2P model and you have yourself a buyer.