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Gem Wars 2: Tyria Earns

By Kelevandos15-05-2013

Well, this is not the biggest of the news out there, but I think it may still be of interest to some of you. Guild Wars 2, the last year's MMO by ArenaNet, is reported to have a constant income through the in-game gem store. While it could seem surprising to some, I can see where it comes from – GW2 is one of the few MMOs that tries to do things right and earn the players' trust, rather than focus on stripping them of cash by offering Pay-to-Win items. As a citizen of Tyria myself, I have been paying much attention to the gem store and was never disappointed by Arena's politics on this aspect.

For the number geeks out there, the income of NCsoft, the game's publisher, has risen by 322% compared to last year, while decreasing by 49% compared to last quarter, obviously due to less and less copies of the game being sold.

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