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GeForce GTX Titan Benchmarks

By NAG3LT22-02-2013

NVidia wanted more publicity for GTX Titan and for that end they set a separate embargo date for benchmarks. So after we heard about the card, its specifications and monstrous price, we can look at performance benchmarks done by different sites:


Tom's Hardware




techPowerUp SLI


Benchmarks show the interesting picture for Titan, there is no room left to doubt that it is the most powerful single-GPU card. The build and cooling quality is good – while using up to 250W power and dynamically overclocking to stay at 80C temperature, while remaining as silent as GTX 680 under load. Consistent ~50% performance gains compared to GTX 680 show impressive scaling. Compute capabilities of GTX Titan are the best of any card to date with a large lead in most tests. When compared to HD 7970 GHz edition, some games favouring AMD reduce lead to a minimum, while in others Titan seems a generation ahead of AMD's top GPU. It's quite impressive considering that they both are using the same 28 nm process and use 250W at full load. However, the price throws any price/performance comparison out of the window.

At $1000 it costs more than HD 7970 GHz Crossfire or GTX680 SLI, more that dual-GPU GTX 690 and HD 7990. While there can be some micro stutter, they consistently and considerably outperform GTX Titan at a lower price. In that price bracket it is hard to choose it over dual-GPU solutions, or to justify paying twice more over other single-GPU cards for gaming. There are still niches it fills, though. With its compute power, GTX Titan is still [bold](cheap) alternative to even more expensive compute cards. For those ready to spend not just a grand, but several for 3-4 card setups, 2 GTX Titans in SLI offer better real performance than GTX 690 Quad-SLI. 2-3 of those monsters are the best way to play at 5760x1080. Finally, those who try to get the most power into tiny case, GTX Titan smaller size and better heat management allow it to fit where GTX 690 won't. All in all, NVidia's choice to make GTX Titan into a more expensive luxury product severely reduces its appeal to many gamers, even with its leading single-GPU performance.


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