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GeForce GTX 980 Ti – “Cheap” Titan X

By NAG3LT02-06-2015

Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X is a very powerful and extremely expensive card loaded with 12GB VRAM. On paper GTX 980 Ti has 8% less compute cores (2816) and 8% less fill rate, as well as just 6 GB VRAM. In games however, the performance difference between Titan X and 980 Ti is often miniscule. For almost all gamers, 980 Ti is just as good as Titan X, but at a much more acceptable price ($649). Titan X has only one important difference – its 12 GB of VRAM, but 6 GB is already enough to run games now and in the most likely in the near future at 4K resolution. Thus paying large price premium for what essentially amounts for a larger non-crucial memory seems too expensive.

While 980 Ti seems like a nice value compared to 2.5 months old Titan X, it is still an expensive card. Just as I have written before, Titan’s large price servers like an anchor, making other cards seem cheap in comparison. Another reason to wait before the purchase are the upcoming AMD cards. Based on current information, we may expect new high end Radeons this month, equipped with new high bandwidth memory. Then things might get much more interesting.

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