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GeForce Experience Will Get a New Sharing Functionality

By NAG3LT24-08-2015

Nvidia has announced some new interesting features for GeForce Experience. Next month, Share beta will introduce a new feature reach overlay and the GameStream Co-op. The new overlay will improve convenience, by allowing gamers to quickly change recording and streaming settings in-game. If you really feel the need to share the gameplay clip you just recorded on YouTube, it will be possible as well. Overlay includes ability to trim the video and upload it.

The most intriguing new feature is GameStream Co-op. It allows you to invite a friend to watch your game and chat with you. There is also an ability to give full control of the game to your friend, while the game runs on your PC. Finally, for the games supporting local co-op, GameStream Co-op allows a remote friend to play it with you over the internet. It will be interesting to see how well this feature works when it is actually released. It is also unfortunate that there are some games with extremely poor netcode, but which will be much more playable using GameStream Co-op than when using their native multiplayer functionality.


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