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GeForce Experience is in Open Beta

By NAG3LT25-01-2013

GeForce Experience is an application from NVidia that checks for graphics driver updates and also tries to pick optimal graphics settings for games on your PC. It scans your hardware configuration, and if you have a 400 series or newer GeForce GPU, it offers pre-configured settings to achieve the best quality at 40FPS for currently supported games. Settings are applied with a single click from application, but some games must be launched at least once before using the optimisation feature. Those features don't offer much for those who know PCs well and like to tinker with settings themselves, but might be very useful for less tech-savvy gamers who want to just get the game and play it.

GeForce Experience was first released in closed beta (40 000 users) back in December 2012. The open beta is available for download now and adds support for 2560x1440 display resolution and older Core 2 CPUs that are still used by many gamers. It is likely that in future this application will also be used for streaming games to NVidia's Project Shield. Do you like this one-click approach to configuring games? Share your opinions in comments.


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