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GeForce Experience Beta Launches

By Merc07-12-2012

So what in the heck is this all about you may be asking. Well back when NVidia announced the arrival of the 690 they also talked about GeForce Experience. It is basically an easy way to get your game running at optimal levels without having to mess with anything. It sounds interesting huh?

Currently the program works with Fermi and Kepler GPUs including the mobile versions. It uses cloud based storage to keep the settings used on a wide variety of machines, and then you can choose from those options. It will try and match you PC specs with the settings used from similar PC’s. You can continue to change the settings if you want, and it will never intrude on you if you do not want it to. Also, you can have your drivers be kept up to date through the service, and it will even download them in the background. You can head over here to try and get into the beta but it is only for the first 10,000 people.


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This looks like an interesting idea while at the same time continuing to give PC gamers the freedom we love.