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Gears Of War Ultimate Edition Gameplay

By WskOsc31-07-2015

CliffyB may not be involved any more but Gears Of War is largely regarded as his masterpiece, we personally prefer Jazz Jackrabbit but it's hard to argue against how good the remaster/remake/rewhatever of the original Gears is looking

The above video features a decent amount of gameplay from the remake of Gears Of War, a game which many Xbox 360 and maybe a few PC gamers will remember as being a rather big deal in its own time. While the video's focus is on multiplayer they do talk a little about the cover systems and mechanics from later games that have been brought back to the original in order to make it feel smoother to play. The description on the YouTube video says that Ultimate Edition is coming August 25 but that's likely only for the Xbox One version, we couldn't dig up a date for the PC version but we'd like to think it can't be too far away.

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I was rather hoping for a little more of the, y'know, gameplay part of the video. But mstill