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Gearbox Won’t be Churning out a Lot More Borderlands

By Toast16-09-2013

Randy Pitchford recently had a chat with Digital Trends on the state of Borderlands 2 and the planned incoming DLC. To catch you all up, Borderlands 2 had a season pass, but after the season pass DLC was released, they announced more DLC was coming out outside the pass. One of these that was released recently was the new Ultimate Vault Hunter 2 pack which raised the level cap further so you could hit level 72, (providing you had the other vault hunter pack too) along with some other goodies. So, what did Randy say to Digital Trends?

"We're doing more beyond season one. We've got more content to come, but if you get it in your mind that you're expecting the same amount that was in the Season Pass, I'm afraid we're going to disappoint you. Because the content that's to come is not of that same scale. It's not going to be priced at the same scale, so the value will be great, but it's not at that same scale.

"We are still spending energy building new things for Borderlands 2, but we are also building new things for the future. We're building some new things for next-generation consoles, we're creating some new IP, we've got a lot of attention diverting to other efforts beyond Borderlands 2. It's not fair for me to say there's another season. There's not going to be as much new stuff, but the good news is, there's more stuff and it's awesome and the value of it will exceed the cost. But I don't want anyone, later, saying: 'Why wasn't there a whole season like there was before?'

"There might turn out to be, but I can only see what we have in motion right now."

Is that so, well we'll just have to see but in the meantime we can look forward to other upcoming things like Homeworld and the HD remakes of the first outings.

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