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Gearbox to Introduce more Colour to the Blind

By Toast30-01-2014

Do you happen to be partially or fully colour-blind? Do you happen to get annoyed when you assume one colour is the other then get told otherwise by friends? Don't worry, I know what it's like being colour-blind myself, which is why I'm here to brace you with some good news. The folks over at Gearbox have decided to bless us with an official 'Color-Blind Mode' for Borderlands 2.

With the success of the Borderlands series and many of its DLCs it hasn't surprising to see more content being produced for it with the Headhunter packs and now with a mini free update to appeal to more disabled gamers. I'm sure some disabled gaming charities will be happy to hear about this latest droplet of news, but what colour modes does it add? Deuteranopia, Protoanopia, and Tritanopia, to be specific on what you may be diagnosed with. Either way, you should be able to differentiate between certain rarity of the arms in Borderlands 2 after this update, assuming you are colour-blind, if not carry on and be happy for people like us.

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