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Gearbox Explains Madness Behind Psycho Character Class

By Mokman17-06-2013

For those Borderlands 2 aficionados, you are no doubt excited at the thought of finally being able to play as a psycho - a dream that I at least have had ever since I spotted the characterful little madmen running about eating bullets. Truth be told, the only downside to this new character class concept in my opinion is that I'm not allowed to play as a midget psycho.

Damn you political correctness!

Anyway, the mad geniuses at Gearbox have revealed a little video of their own explaining the ideas behind Krieg, the new Psycho character, answering crucial questions such as "What inspired his creation? Why was he developed as a Character Class?" and "What do we do when the high-pitched voices in our heads command us to do crazy shit?". (Two of the above three are actually answered - one is only implied.) Anyway, it's a very interesting watch - do enjoy.

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So, I can intentionally set myself on fire. For shits and giggles.

Fry picture.

'Nuff said