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Gear Up and Head Back to Borderlands 2

By StuntmanLT11-01-2013

Big Game Hunt DLC is set to be released next Tuesday (January 15th) and Gearbox decided to treat us with a sweet event before the launch. To get us ready and properly armed developers launched an even where you have a much greater chance to find rear shotguns:

"The festivities begin today, January 11, with Vault Hunters reporting an influx of powerful shotguns throughout Pandora. To join in the fun, simply boot up Borderlands 2 while connected to the internet and start looting before the supply runs dry -- based on current conditions, expect the excess to be exhausted on Saturday, January 12 at 10:55AM CST / 4:55PM GMT."

You will sure see me playing Borderlands 2 over the weekend so I get to find the shotgun of my dreams. Will you be on the hunt too?

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Already found a few!