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GDC: New Oddworld Looks Tasty

By acharris7720-03-2014

Abe is back and appearing in a new trailer which was revealed at GDC 2014. As you all know by now Just Add Water is remaking the old PS1 classic, Oddworld: Abe Odyssey. The original game featured a race called the Mudokon that were enslaved and Abe was the unlikely hero to save them.

Your role in the game will be to free the Mudokons and lead them to a bird portal to teleport through. Abe would communicate with his fellow colleagues by slapping them to break their trance, and then shout at them with ‘follow me’ so they would follow. The game also featured an innovative new feature - the fart button that was funny as hell.

Enjoy the trailer showing Abe in all his HD glory. And just think now we can all fart in HD. I will buy the game just for that alone.

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