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GDC: Eve Valkyrie Gameplay Shown Off

By Toast22-03-2014

Finally after CCP kept teasing us about EVE: Valkyrie not coming to PC by refusing to comment on the rumours, they eventually did confirm the game for PC last month. Now, here we are during GDC, when the devs have decided to show off some more alpha gameplay footage, and it looks awesome. For those out there, the name EVE will remind you of the MMO counterpart that has the infamy of some amazing and tragic stories, but the steep learning cover has been a deal breaker for some.

Well, that’s likely set to change with CCP’s latest Oculus and PC related project coming out of the shadows more to attract aerial combat enthusiasts, and from the above footage and screens below, I think you’ll agree with me that it’s something to be excited about, for existing EVE fans or sceptical virgins.

Thanks to AllGamesBeta for the footage.


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