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GC: Where Are We Going To Inquisition At?

By JcDent22-08-2013

Dragon Age Inquisition (in no means Dragon Age 3) is going to makes us forget Dragon Age II. Hopefully. In this video, the creators boast how big the world is and how high the stakes are.

And, for the first time (in two games), this is going to be an open world free for you to explore - much unlike the linear maps of DA1 or horribly copy-pasted linear maps of DA2. Now we'll have ambient animals mucking about and being scared of dragons, who may or may not be scripted.

I think after this and Skyrim, we'll have killed so many dragons, they'll stop being scary at all.

Anyways, they also talk about your Inquisitorial business. As a non-Chantry affiliated Inquisitor (no, I'll never stop harping on about it), you'll have to find out who was the arsehole who tore the Veil - the barrier between this world and the world of dreams and spirits - open? To that end, you'll have vast authority that will place you above common people (Ordo Malleus: The Game) and order your minions around, sending them on missions.

Hopefully those will be more interesting than "time passes, minion returns with pre-set monetary award" like it is with minions in both Star Trek Online and The Old Republic.

Also, how about them same sex relationships? I mean, they did such a good job of cramming them without any subtlety or tact into previous games, surely this must be repeated to attract the blind Escapist and Kotaku user crowd?

Well, we can only wait and see.

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