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GC: Watch the Film Dawgs

By Bobfish20-08-2013

Because Ubisoft aren't satisfied with dominating the video game industry, they're turning to the film world. Again. On top of the Assassin's Creed film we all know is coming, and the visual effects they did for Predators (seriously, that was Ubisoft), they have now announced a Watch Dogs tie-in. In partnership with Sony Pictures and New Regency, details are a little sketchy at the moment. But it seems most likely it will be a linear re-telling of the game's story, rather than a companion. Perhaps delving more into the backstory of the protagonist anti-hero Aiden Pearce.

The CEO of Ubisoft Motion Pictures (yeah, they have their own film studio now too) Jean-Julien Baronnet, had the following to say on the matter:

"Since both Sony and Ubisoft have movie and video game branches, this deal creates exceptional opportunities for us to merge the realms of the story-based cinematic experience with the interaction of the video game. In addition, Sony Pictures and New Regency have deep production expertise and are letting us maintain a strong creative voice in the film's development. Together, we're confident we can deliver a movie that builds upon the excitement that the game is already generating."

Honestly, is this comes as a surprise to anyone, you're probably brain dead and were aborted at conception. Ubisoft like money, and they like doing things to make money. And hey, given their superb work on the Assassin's Creed tie-in mini-movies, I expect this will be quite the summer blockbuster. With a strong narrative to boot.

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