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GC: The Division Companion Gaming App In Action Video

By acharris7722-08-2013

After the long awaited announcement, 2 days ago, of a PC version of The Division, Ubisoft have released a video showing a companion app which is also going to be available. This will be on tablets and phones so that you can join your friends in their games, as a drone, from anywhere and at any time you feel like it (providing you have access to an internet connection of course).

Simultaneous and asymmetric is how Ubisoft describes it. The app will offer an exclusive character just for mobile devices and is used to find players so that you can join a team in real time. And because the app uses an aerial view, this allows the player to observe the battle field and allows for smarter tactical planning to give a team an advantage in the field. All this is achieved with a touch of the screen, so taking out that elusive enemy will be easier than ever.

Using the app the player will be able to weaken the enemy using an armour debuff or improve their strength with an area of effect debuff. The action of the game is simultaneously shown on both the mobile device and in game, so even if you are out on a date you could excuse yourself and see what is happening to your friends in the game and help them before, going back to your lady friend.

The companion app also allows the plan to progress on its own independent of the main game. The companion app? Is it a useful addition to the game, or is it just a novelty which is not going to prove popular? Either way take a look at the trailer and make your own decision if this is something that you are going to use or not, and dont forget to let us know what you decide.

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Where do I pre-order? I am so happy that this is coming to PC!

Posts: 3290

That actually looks pretty good. And is a superb idea to boot. This is what we really need when it comes to cross platform connectivity. If only the fucking consoles would stop the dig waggling contest and see the advantages of this.

@AC: LOL! No, you're not the only one

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Be honest we have all thought of that when on a date I wish I could do some game stuff, or is that just me :/ lol