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GC: The Award For Creepiest Trailer Goes To...

By MrJenssen23-08-2013

Woah. Though the teaser trailer for the remake of The Binding of Isaac doesn't show us any gameplay, it's still quite ripe with atmosphere. It makes it clear, that if your sense of humor is not disturbing enough to make you laugh at the trailer, The Binding of Isaac might not be for you.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is a sort of remake of the original roguelike that had a naked baby running around cold basement rooms shooting tears at all sorts of demonic creatures. There's tons of new stuff added, though. Because otherwise, what would be the point of buying the same game again? Indie-dev Edmund McMillen has thrown in more than 110 new items, new enemies, bosses and playable characters. Even expanded the campaign further.

On top of that, McMillen has done a complete 180 on the Flash-based graphics. No, he hasn't upgraded it to DirectX 11 standards, with rag doll physics, lens flare and motion blur. In fact, he's gone the other way. The game is remade in a brand new, uh, old engine, making the game reminiscent of the 16-bit games of the SNES and SEGA Genesis.

The game is to be released on Steam sometime next year.

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