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GC: On Not Being Tied Directly to the Film

By acharris7726-08-2013

Since the Mad Max announcement trailer at E3 this year and then the first screenshots shown later, this game has caught the interest of many gamers. Especially those who are fans of the films or are looking forward to the upcoming new film Fury Road. The disappointing(?) news is that the game will not be a movie tie-in, but instead Avalanche's own take on Mad Max's universe.

Warner's Bros released some lovely screenshots at GamesCom to get interest in the game, and it has got to be said, from the screenshots the game is pretty good. These screenshots are just the teaser from Warner Bros to build up anticipation of the demo they are planning to show at GamesCom this week. Avalanche's reasons for not making the game a movie tie-in as they tend to be not very good is, in my opinion, a valid reason as most of the games that have been released as tie-ins to major films have been quite disappointing and major flops. Let's hope that the demo lives up to the teaser screenshots that Warner Bros have shown us. Leave us a comment to let us know what you think.

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