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GC: Official First look and Arrival Trailers for The Sims 4

By acharris7721-08-2013

Here is the official first look trailer of EA's The Sims 4, the latest game in the series. EA have introduced a new Create a Sim, which is where your Sims characters are born. EA have made changes to how this is done by replacing the old slider bars to modify your Sims characters with a new click and drag system, where you can adjust their features by just clicking on the part of the body you want to modify and then dragging to adjust to the detailed look you want. So creating a realistic digital version of yourself is simple.

Changes have also been made to the tools which are used to create houses in the Sims world. When the houses have been built if you are not happy with the layout, you can just grab a room and drag it to a new location, and all the furniture and decor is moved with the room, so no need to redecorate afterwards.

EA have also added new emotions to the Sims so this should allow for character development and will also allow for the story to be more intense and deeper, as well as allow for more diverse stories and relationships within the Sims worlds with others Sims characters. Anyway that is it for my opinions on the new Sims 4 so watch the trailers and let us know what you think on EA's latest offering in the series.

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Well, in so many ways (graphics *cough*) this is a step backwards from The Sims 3.

But...it does look pretty decent akshully