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GC: New Screenshots And Concept Art For The Witcher 3

By MrJenssen21-08-2013

Ah yes, we got'em! Revel at these beauties! From magnificent concept art images that could've been paintings hung up on walls, to action-heavy screenshots, these will make a lovely uprade to your gray and boring desktop wallpaper gallery.

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Posts: 166

I enjoyed the other 2 Witcher games, so I am hoping this 3rd one is just as good but I am a little concerned about the transition to open world, as NAG3LT said

Posts: 3290

I think they'll do fine

Posts: 1317

Well at worst, it'll still be a great RPG. If it turns out that they bit over more than they could chew, they're still gonna make a decent RPG, and then we're gonna get the full feast with The Witcher 4, once they've gotten more used to the open world approach.

Posts: 267

I just hope the transition to an open world works well.

Posts: 3290

My rig is already melting...

Posts: 237

Man... my rig will melt... so hard...